The Optical Society of India (OSI) was founded in the year 1965. The Society that started in a modest way with only a few dedicated members, soon gathered momentum and developed into what it is to-day. The objectives of the society, as spelled out in its constitution, are :

(i) to promote and diffuse knowledge of optics in all its branches-pure and applied,

(ii) to encourage, organize and coordinate research activities in the field of optics,

(iii) to undertake survey of the optical needs of the country and to enumerate and sponsor schemes for research and development,

(iv) to promote the cooperation between designers, manufacturers and users of optical technology,

(v) to organize meetings, seminars and conferences on varied aspects of optics, and to co-operate with other scientific organizations in all matters of national scientific importance,

(vi) to publish books, journals, reports and transactions relating to the field of optics and

(vii) to secure, and administer funds, grants and endowments for furtherance of optics research and development in the country.

The society has been holding annual national / international symposia for the last four decades.

In the year 1968 the Society started publishing Bulletin of Optics which in 1972 emerged as the Journal of Optics. Since 2010, the Journal of Optics is being co-published with Springer.

The OSI is affiliated to the International Commission of Optics (ICO) and represents India at ICO with 4 voting counts. From the early nineties the OSI and the SPIE have close liaison with MOUs renewed every two/three years. According to the current MOU with OSA, there is a member exchange program between OSA and OSI.